The Battle Thongs of Varisia

Inside the Catacombs of Wrath
  • Party entered an ancient runelord dungeon conceal in a tunnel under the The Glassworks. The mayor has asked us to clear the dungeon. Father Xantus has asked us to destroy a legendary spring of corruption in the temple if we find it.
  • Killed two sinspawn in the entrance area.
  • Discovered a beautiful red sculpture of a human woman in flowing robes, an angry face, a headdress of blades and hooks, holding a book with a seven pointed star, and a high quality rancer.
  • Found a prison. Ignored it.
  • Found a legendary well in a Cathedral that was guarded by a three armed goblin that spits acid blood. Probably mutated by the legendary well we have been. Combat is resolved.
  • Which we destroyed with the tears of Dessa given to us by Father Xantus. The well now cures light wounds (1d8+1) instead horrific evil mutations.
  • The red statue now has a mutated arm.
  • The temple was then filled horrible female like screams
  • Party travels through the prison via a catwalk and encountered two sinspawn. Meela is briefly overcome with insanity due to a bite. Combat resolved.
  • Party encounters a quazit who is unusually large and female sexual dimorphism. She screams at the party in Abysial. She is not pleased about the well.
  • The party fights the quazit, Croger throws a bottle of holy water on the quazit causing her to collapse screaming for Nualia. Kriea twists the quazit’s head, breaks her neck, and kills her instantly. Croger kills eleven zombies with a bottle of grease and a narrow staircase. Combat resolved.
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