Viola Barot


A petite human from Alkenstar wielding a firearm that is often mistaken as a magical staff (much to her irritation). Viola has fair skin occasionally smudged with soot, coppery red hair, and smells faintly of gun powder. She usually wears blue traveling merchant’s garb and carries a small blacksmith’s hammer in addition to her musket.

Viola loves shopping for clothing, jewelry, academical ingredients. She is squeamish around corpses and insects. Viola strives to do the right thing and make sure the helpless receive justice.


A young woman born and raised in Alkenstar, Viola is at home with tradespeople and intimately familiar with firearms and clockwork devices. In her early teens she was apprenticed to a gnome craftswoman, Esmeralda Thicketbotter, where Viola learned how to build her custom muskets. During her apprenticeship Viola worked with several dwarves in Dongun Hold and is comfortable interacting with them.

Having grown up in the Grand Duchy of Alkenstar which is located in the Mana Wastes Viola is unfamiliar with most kinds of magic and suspects it creates more trouble than it is worth. Viola isn’t wholly ignorant of magic having trained with a gnome for several years of her life, but her interests lay more in alchemy, weaponry, and mechanics.

When Viola’s apprenticeship was at an end the Barot family intended for her to marry a son of a local noble merchant family. After years of listening to Esmeralda’s adventures from her youth Viola decided she was absolutely not ready to settle down. With Esmeralda’s aid Viola ran away from Alkenstar shortly after her engagement was announced. Viola frequently sends letters back to Esmeralda.

Viola Barot

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