Madame Kreia

Snide, unnerving, seductive, playful and often mad as a hatter, the Witch controls the flow of battle and laughs all the while...


Kreia is a regal looking Samsaran with long blue and white streaked hair rolled in tight dreads and braided in various lengths as her suits her changing moods. Her eyes flash like large black pools and her pale blueish skin is adorned by running maroon mascera stained by tears (laughter or sorrow?). She wears a tattered, yet handsome red gown of red silks and taffeta that ruffles and flows strangely as she moves about. A collection of arcane trinkets are braided into her hair and tied into her skirts as mementos, totems of power…and warnings to those who might interfere with the plots she and her skittish dinosaur familiar Durkheim hatch.

Durkheim is a curious two legged dinosaur with blood red scales and yellow stripes along his spine, his eyes glow an otherwordly neon yellow. In his nose is affixed a bronze septum ring that glints in the light.


Madame Kreia

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